Experience + Integrity

For a Greater Level of Confidence


“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

~ Walt Disney

Both the sellers and buyers of small businesses need to choose a business broker that they have the utmost confidence in to help them realize their dreams and goals. We understand and accept that we are working with people that often have little or no prior experience with these types of transactions and that frequently these business people might need guidance to fully understand the process. Often, they may only hear what they want to hear and so it makes even more sense for them to find and rely on a buiness broker who will act as a partner and will take the time to educate them on the truths that may impact them both positively… and negatively.

Choice Business Opportunities believes that the more you know about the process of buying, selling and the valuation of a small business, the better the outcome will be. We cater to companies that are valued at $3.5M and under…so you never need to be put on a back burner for a bigger, better deal. We cater to small business. That’s why we offer our potential clients all the time and information they need for a successful and comfortable transaction. We urge you to ask the tough questions…and to reach out so that we can help you quit talking and begin DOING!

Our Process

Both sellers and buyers who have no frame-of-reference or any prior experience with buying or selling a business, are often misled. They are easily told what they WANT to hear…instead of the entire truth (OR what they NEED to hear).

Our Commitment

Buying or selling a business is a big deal… it takes knowledge, time and effort to get ready for the next step.  We are committed to our clients to provide open and honest feedback of what is required for a successful sale of your business, or what is needed to know to purchase a company. 

For Our Buyers

Our goal is to assist you buy the small business of your dreams. Choice Business Opportunities has done this for many people just like you.  We share with every buyer and potential buyer the 5 essential things to keep in mind when buying a business, because we want a win-win situation for all involved.

For Our Sellers

Take the time to step out of your shoes, as the seller, and put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. While being objective can be difficult, it is crucial in order to get top dollar for your business. Here are a few things you need to do in order to get “Top Dollar” when you sell your business.

Here’s Where To Begin

Our Approach +

We skillfully and expeditiously procure the best price, most favorable terms, and conditions on your behalf. We have an in-depth understanding of the complexities.

Our Expereience +

Choice Business Opportunities, Ltd. has over three decades of direct experience, successfully completing hundreds of transactions for many clients.

Our Clients +

“Thank you for all your help! There is no one that I have me that has even come close to the level of effort and integrity that you put into your business.” S. P.

Our Promise +

We will use our experience to help guide the transaction and promise the highest level of integrity in everything we do, and that you’ll have a greater level of confidence when you choose.

C.H. (Seller)

“From the initial meeting through the follow-up conversations to after closing, Choice Business Opportunities has been a very professional organization providing honest opinions (both pros and cons) and strategies for the transaction all with a low pressure atmosphere.”

J.B. (Purchaser)

“Choice Business Opportunities, Ltd. was dedicated to making sure that I knew as much of the risks, trials, and tribulations of the purchase process as possible. They didn’t so much as try to turn me away, but taught me how it REALLY is.”

M.W. (Purchaser)

“Over months I encountered a number of brokers who were unsatisfactory. Others just didn’t provide good service. I called Mr. Doran at Choice Business Opportunities. He was honest. What a refreshing change.”